Every interviewers top pet peeves

Sunday 12. 2018

It goes without saying but heading in to an interview, being a walking example of an interviewers’ worst nightmare is a sure way to guarantee a big cross through your name. There are quite a few interview pet peeves that can land a person in the red. So, you need to make sure that you’re not unbeknowingly perpetrating any of them.

Although some interviewer pet peeves are pretty obvious. Some aren’t so transparent. You might be irking someone without even knowing it. Make sure that you’re ticking off every box of what not to do before heading out to your interview. 

Interviewers top pet peeves (and how to avoid them)

Here at TMI Resourcing we’re passionate about making sure our candidates are a stellar example of a flawless applicant. So, have a read of some of the top interviewer top pet peeves that we’ve uncovered. Then of course make sure you’re not guilty of any of them.

Turning up late

If you’re going to turn up late to an interview you may as well turn up with a red pen, cross your name out and walk right back out again.

Interviewers aren’t going to want to hear a candidate out that couldn’t make the effort to be on time. You never get a second chance at a great first impression. So, don’t be labelled as ‘the late one’.

Of course, if your lateness was a product of something out of your control then interviewers are often quite understanding. However, if you’re embarrassingly late for no other reason than that you just didn’t manage your time effectively then you seriously ought to reconsider whether you’re going to be an ideal candidate.

TMI top tip: we’d certainly recommend arriving early to any interview, just to account for any unforeseen circumstances. Book that earlier train. Or, leave 20 minutes early to accommodate for traffic and parking times. It is always better to be early than late. Even if you’re super early, you’ve left yourself enough time for a quick coffee before. This is always a bonus and can calm those pre-interview jitters.

Lack of professionalism 

One thing to always remember is to leave the slang on the street. There’s no place for casual terms in a professional environment. Of course, you don’t want to risk sounding robotic, but you also don’t want to be dropping in colloquialisms at every chance you get. Proudness is the key to interview success. So, make sure you are articulating yourself well in the situation.

Here at TMI Resourcing we always ensure our candidates are prepped and polished before an interview. We’ll help you tone down the slang if needs be. Whilst interviewers are only human like you and I, they also know the time and place to present out your casual persona. We’re sorry to say – but in an interview isn’t that time, nor that place.

TMI top tip: practice makes perfect and running through what you plan to say a few times is never a bad idea. You’ll be able to polish up your answers and also spend some time on looking for alternative words for any sneaky slang phrases that you may be acclimatised to.

Not dressing for the occasion

Not literally. We are of course expecting you to be clothed for your interview! What we do mean is dressing respectfully and duly.

As always, it is important to be professional in an interview and that does extend to dressing appropriately for the occasion. According to a study, over 26% of employers said that not dressing to standard was the first thing that would deter them from a candidate. Almost immediately in fact! It’s important, therefore, that you get this right.

As mentioned above, first impressions are vital, especially in interviews. The way in which you present yourself through your clothing often says a lot about you as a person too. If it came down to a head to head decision, organisations are much more likely to go for the smartly dressed applicant rather than the one who turned up in a t-shirt and shorts, that’s just a fact.

TMI top tip: it might surprise you to know that it has also been uncovered that too much of a nice smell isn’t always a good thing. A good portion of interviewers are actually put off by someone who has clearly gone OTT on the perfume or aftershave. So, be mindful of this too.

Telling ‘porkies’

Nobody likes a liar, but especially not an interviewer. And yes, they do check.

Stretching the truth regarding your achievements and making up things in the interview is a sure fire way to kiss the job goodbye. It says a lot about who you are as a person and also wastes the employers time if you are under-qualified. In short, lies (even white lies) are always a 100% no-go.  

At TMI Resourcing we make sure you put your best front forward always, and will make sure to hone in on your attractive qualities. Transparency should, and will always be vital in our candidates. In the words of Einstein, “you cannot judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree” and therefore we work hard to focus on the skill sets of each of our individual candidates to set them up with the job that’s right for them. Lying will never be necessary to get you the job o of your dreams.

TMI top tip: if you have something exceptional to pitch, bring the proof with you. If you’re telling the interviewer something remarkable, then you can impress them even more so by bringing the evidence along with you. Whether it be good grades or a creditable experience, this can provide a talking point in the interview – as well as prove you’re not over-exaggerating or downright fibbing.


Start your recruitment journey with TMI Resourcing

Though there are a lot of pet peeves that really grind an interviewers gears, here at TMI Resourcing we’ll make sure you’ll never do any of them. We pride ourselves in looking after our candidates from the start to the finish of their employment journey. We simply will not let you be that ‘interviewer’s worst nightmare’. If you’re seeking help in your job search then get in touch with us today and we’ll help you get started.