How to get a kick start in the digital industry

Wednesday 5. 2018

The digital industry is fast growing within the age we live in. Therefore the number of opportunities available within it are opening up far and wide. A digital career is one that is both challenging and interesting to have. As well as being a haven for in-industry growth and opportunities. 

The term ‘digital’ covers a whole range of careers, including: Copywriting, SEO Executives, Developers and PPC Executives. If this sounds up your street, then here’s how to get a kick-start.

Get some experience

Though it’s a common conundrum to be stuck with the inability to get sufficient work experience for a position. Most jobs now require a years worth of experience at least. Fear not however we have a solution to this long-standing taboo so hear us out.

Most places will gladly take you on for work experience under their terms. More often than not, this will be unpaid but sometimes companies may be willing to take on a paid assistant for 1 or 2 days a week. Either way, whether it’s a short-term unpaid internship or a longer term paid position. It’s still going to be great for your CV and will help you tick off that dreaded ‘experience required’ part of the job specification.

Learn the digital industry

Though you probably have an avid knowledge of the industry already, it doesn’t harm to swot up a little more.

Make sure you’re reading up on relevant ‘goings on’ and current affairs surrounding the digital world. This will not only allow educate you, but will also give you that crucial competitive edge in interviews too. To show your knowledge is to show your passion.

To start you off, here’s our top 5 need-to-know facts on the world of digital:

Companies are increasing their digital marketing budgets. (Which means more job opportunities for you – result!)

Search is now dominated by mobile. Google recently announced that more searches take place on mobile rather than desktops in at least 10 different countries worldwide; including the U.S. and Japan.

Video comes on top for resonating with consumers. So digital marketers should be upping their video media knowledge and usage.

It is estimated that by 2020, 72% of all e-commerce will be done on mobile.

Here’s what happens in every minute in the digital world:



  1. 700,000 search queries are made on Google.
  2. 650 videos are uploaded to YouTube.
  3. Over 1 million status updates are written on Facebook.
  4. 70,000 tweets are tweeted.
  5. Over 15 million e-mails are sent.

Polish off your CV

It goes without saying this one, but you should be spending some extra time making sure your CV is tip-top. You should also consider tailoring it towards digital by honing in on your skills and passions within the sector.

Remember to always include anything you deem relevant in your CV. Employers like to see something a little different as well as something that is relevant to the job in hand.

TMI Top Tip: you should always tailor your CV to the industry in which you are applying, but why not go that extra mile and tailor it to the job? If you’re seeking a developer job then use your CV to show the employer what you can do in terms of web development. If you’re going for a copywriting job then make sure your CV evidences A+ writing skills.

Create a portfolio

If you have the resources to create a portfolio then definitely do it.

Whether it be a document of all of your writings and copywriting related work, or examples of web design – it all looks good. It’s great to build a portfolio that supports your work experience but if you’re struggling to find work then we’d recommend practicing your talents as a hobby on the side. Why not design some blog templates for your friends, for example. Or voluntary write for an independent news platform?

TMI Top Tip: portfolios of course were traditionally printed and bound. But if you’re applying for a job in digital you’re going to want to ‘get with’ the digital age. It’s a good idea to have an online copy of all your work in which you can hand to an interviewer on a USB. Or, even share it with them via cloud storage after the interview. That’s one way to get them to remember you.

Know where to look

Whilst there are an abundance of jobs within the digital sector, sometimes it can be hard to know where exactly to look.

You should always consider using a recruitment agency to help ease your job-seeking journey. Here at TMI Resourcing we are the digi-experts. Not only are we able to seek out the best companies for you, we also make sure that our candidates are interview ready. That involves providing training and advice at every single step of the way.

If you’re looking for your start in the digital world then get in touch with us today. We can offer you more information, get you prepped and ready for your new career and most importantly – put you in touch with the right people.