How to overcome the job search slump

Wednesday 28. 2018

Being unemployed for a period of time (no matter how long it might be) isn’t easy. If you’ve ever experienced it – you’ll know that all too well. And likewise, feeling trapped in a role that isn’t in the industry that you’re passionate about is also taxing.

According to Korn Ferry, some of the top reasons that employees crave a new career are because:

  • They’re bored and need a new challenge
  • The culture doesn’t fit with their values
  • They expect they’re soon to lose their job
  • They’re seeking a higher salary 

Whatever your reason for seeking a new role, undoubtedly one of the worst things about the situation is when you find yourself mindlessly applying for numerous positions, only to get knocked back time and time again. This is what we call the job search slump, and it’s not a nice place to be in.

So if you’re nodding your head as you read along, thinking ‘that sounds exactly like me, I feel as though I can’t find a job at all’ then you may very well be wondering how on earth to get out of this slump. How do you find a job you actually like, when you constantly feel rejected by every opportunity that presents itself?  

Well, that’s where recruiters come in.

Help to find a job in 4 easy steps (and overcome the slump)

Whether you’re struggling to find a job after uni (which is a common angst amongst the unemployed) or just in general, there are some steps you can take to get you back on the right track, and to overcome the dreaded job search slump.

Take a break

Taking some time out might initially seem like the worst thing to do if you’re desperately seeking a new position. However, spamming numerous employers with regurgitated cover letters and CV’s is pretty counterproductive and sometimes reflection is the key to success.

Taking a break doesn’t have to mean going AWOL for weeks on end. In fact, giving yourself just a day or two to unwind and not think of recruitment should be more than sufficient and isn’t a bad idea at all. They say that time’s a healer, so give yourself the mini-hiatus that you deserve and then bounce back stronger than before.

According to Very Well Mind, taking breaks from your usual regimes can interrupt the cycle of stress that can lead to being overwhelmed. They can offer a release from chronic stress so that you can restore yourself both physically and mentally back to a healthier place. Chronically triggered stress can bring with it a number of health issues, so it’s important to try and alleviate it best you can.

While you might not want to think about recruitment per se in your time away from it, it might be worth self-reflecting a little. Find out what you really want to do and where you really want to be in a few years. This way, when you’re ready to rejoin the game you’ll have a much clearer perspective which will help you become more determined to achieve your goals.  

Refine your application

After you’ve taken that much needed break and reflection, now’s the time to act on that. A lot of knock backs stem from poor applications, so it’s worth spending time on making sure that yours is absolutely perfect.

We’d recommend:

  1. Ensuring each application is tailored to the company you’re applying for. List why you’d add value and hone in on their brand culture (then make sure you align with it). This might seem a little time consuming, but in the long run it’ll be worth it.
  2. Re-working your CV. It helps if your CV is also tailored to the company your applying for. At the very least it should list your skills – and these skills should be applicable to the role.
  3. Writing a cover letter, as this can help give an employer more information about you that may not be possible to portray on your CV. Tell them about your skill sets, your abilities and why you think you’ll be great for that position. We’d recommend taking a detailed look over the job specification and making sure that you’re ticking off every box – and more importantly explaining why!
  4. Making sure there’s no spelling mistakes. This is an employer pet-hate. They’re likely to be seeking a candidate who is hard working and devoted, if there’s spelling mistakes on your CV this doesn’t exactly demonstrate that to them.

Get a helping hand

“Asking for help is a sign of strength.”

There are a great number of reasons as to why using a recruitment agency is a good idea. One of the main ones being that asking for help is one of the best things that you can do to overcome the job search slump.

Recruitment specialists like TMI Resourcing can help match you up to a number of jobs which may be a great fit to your work ethic and prospects; which mitigates the stress of applying for countless jobs and hearing little back. If you’re struggling to find a job then it really does make sense to ‘outsource’, if you like, the task. Most recruiters will have a number of vacancies on their desk and make it very easy to express your interest.

Not only this, but one of the main reasons you might be struggling to find a job, or might be wondering how on earth to find a job you like, is likely to be because you aren’t properly prepared nor equipped. *Enters TMI Resourcing*, we offer a bespoke screening process which includes improving applicable skills and hosting mock interviews to make sure that our candidates feel fully prepared. It’s this kind of attention that gives the people who come to us that ever-essential competitive edge against other interviewees.

Get knocked down… and then get up again

As mentioned above, it can be seriously demoralising if you’ve applied for a number of jobs that are largely the kind of positions you wanted to be in, only to get rejected. It’s only natural that after rejection you might lack the necessary motivation for applying for a job, but this is where you need to stick on a bit of Chumbawamba to get those incentivised juices flowing again, and jump right back on the wagon.

Nobody ever moved forward by standing still, so if you’re not getting anywhere because of a lack of motivation, then now’s the time to reflect then get straight back to it with a clean slate. Take our advice and talk to us to further succeed in your recruitment journey.

How TMI Resourcing can help

It’s our mission to help jobseekers find their way again. Whether you’re struggling to find a job after uni, have recently had to leave work or are simply seeking advice – we have a strong background of experience within the digital industry.

Find out more about the world of recruitment on our blog, or take a stand against procrastination and contact us today to hit the ground running.