How to host a mock interview – our top tips and tricks

Friday 24. 2018

Mock interviews are a great way of preparing for the real one. They can calm your nerves, help you to perfect your answers and they also allow for constructive criticism. If you can get a friend or family member on board to conduct a mock interview with yourself then you certainly should.

A mock interview should be more than simply asking a set of pre-prepared questions and robotically reciting answers that you have already thought of. Whilst this is a great memory test, it doesn’t particularly challenge you, nor prepare you for the unexpected. Not only this, but how can you even rely on any of your pre-prepared questions to come up? Whilst most interviews do start with a backbone of around 5 common questions, they can become quite focused and diverse – trying to guess them all is a foolish approach.

How do you host a mock interview?

Mock interviews can be done alone (to an extent) but will not be particularly valuable as you’ll effectively be simply reeling off Q&A’s to yourself. What you need is a peer who can challenge you, similarly to how an interviewer will. If you can find someone who’s willing to help you, then here are some foolproof tips on hosting your own imitation interview.

The steps that should be taken in order to host your own mock interview are as follows;

  1. Gain a trusted friend or family member to be your “interviewer”.
  2. Set up a date and a time for the “interview”, just like you would for a real one.
  3. Set up a table and chairs if you have one, make the setting similar to what will be awaiting you in your real interview.
  4. Get your “interviewer” to gather a set of questions.
  5. Prepare some potential answers to questions that you think could arise (don’t confer with your “interviewer” though).
  6. Host the “interview” like a real one, with a Q&A format.
  7. Record the interview so you can watch it back and evaluate your answers.

There’s some points made that are particularly worth bearing in mind when preparing for your mock interview.

Dress the part

It’s a great idea to get dressed up for your “interview”. If you have something in mind to wear for the real deal, then why not trial it out? You may find that you’ve chosen something particularly uncomfortable or showing that given the chance, you’d change. Luckily – the opportunity is there! If you’re finding that your outfit isn’t working for you in the situation then at least you’ve given it a trial run. Now you can find something more suited to the setting that you feel comfortable wearing on the day.  

Prepare for the unforeseen

It’s a good idea to get your host “interviewer” on board with the idea of challenging your every word. Tell them to search for uncommon interview questions and those that are in place to throw you off the mark. This works best if they don’t tell you what they’re going to say, as then you’ll be truly tested on your reactions under pressure.

Gather your own answers

As you would with a real interview, you should gather potential answers to questions. Jot down things that you could say to answer some common questions and read back through your answers – could you improve on them? Try and put your best answers forward during your mock interview, that way, you can get external feedback which will only better your answers even more so.

Record it!

Recording your mock interview really cements its importance and makes it worthwhile. You’ll be able to look back on your questions and answers and evaluate them. More often than not, we walk away from a situation and think about things that we should have said. Recording your interview gives you an actual chance to actually say the things you wanted to when the time is right.

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