How to calm your pre-interview nerves

Wednesday 22. 2018

Interviews can be nerve racking, we’d definitely be lying if we said they weren’t. As your interview approaches, its completely normal to feel the strain of those tricky pre-interview nerves. You’ll have a lot of pressure riding on your actions over the next few hours so it’s important that you make a good first impression.

We’re not trying to put you off, believe it or not. It’s just important to understand that to be nervous is completely natural and to be honest, it’d be somewhat worrying if you weren’t even the tiniest bit anxious. The taboo is, however, that clear signs of anxiety and unease can sometimes present you poorly in an interview. Though interviewers are often all too aware that the process is daunting. If you let your nerves overcome your impressionable qualities then this could pose a problem.

So, what’s the good news? Well, that would be that we have a solution. We’re not claiming to abolish anxiety overnight. But, what we do have is some tips and tricks up our sleeve on how to calm your pre-interview nerves. Helping you to put your best front forward.

How to calm your pre-interview nerves

A cool, calm and collected candidate is destined to perform better than one whom is uneasy, on edge and uncomfortable.

If you can nail the art of calming your pre-interview nerves and presenting yourself as cool and confident then you’re onto a winner. We’re dedicated to helping our candidates in every way we possibly can here at TMI Resourcing. So, here’s our top tips on how you can go about achieving this.

Practice makes perfect

If you know what to expect then you’re much more likely to walk in to an interview with confidence.

Why not get a trusted friend or family member to host a mock interview or two with you? At least then, when you’re submersed in the ‘real deal’, you know exactly how to approach it. Not all interviews are the same, but they’re normally somewhat similar. There’s normally a ‘golden 5‘ set of interview questions that are bound to pop up. Start with practicing these. Sometimes however, an employer may attempt to throw you off with an unexpected question or two so try preparing some unorthodox answers too.


Meditation is renowned for its soothing benefits and nerve-busting powers. So, why not try it out yourself? You’ll be able to browse the web for simple meditation routines and tutorials. We’d certainly recommend it – for the placebo effect if not anything else.

Banana power!

Bananas contain a combination of tryptophan, potassium, and beta-blockers which have supposedly been proven to bust the pre-interview nerves. Whether you believe in the effectiveness this or not, there’s no harm in trying it out.

Visualise your success

We can’t tell you how much easier it is to walk in to an interview if you believe you’ve already got the job. A PMA (that’s a positive mental attitude) will always shine through. Believe in yourself and you’ll be fine – you got this.


The benefits of bananas may be disputed, but exercising for an endorphin rush is actual science. Why not start the day with an outdoor run or a quick trip to the gym? Even without the benefits of the endorphins – exercising will distract your mind for an hour or two and help keep you calm in those crucial hours leading up to your interview.

How to put your best front forward

Calming your pre-interview nerves are one thing, but how about presenting yourself to your potential employer and putting your best front forward? Even if you are still a little anxious walking through the door… There’s always a will and a way to disguise these nerves.

Smile like you mean it

We’re ever the advocates of ‘first impressions matter’. So, make sure your first impression isn’t ‘timid and nervous’ but rather ‘confident and approachable’. A smile, partnered with a firm handshake is bound to go a long way. Not only this, but it will certainly present you to be more at ease than you may actually feel.

Become the question master

Though interviewers are typically there to ask the questions, they sure don’t mind answering a few from time to time. In fact, most actually encourage it. Asking questions of the interviewer will take the pressure off you for a short while, and will also make you seem more interested in the position at hand – result!

Practise your posture

It’s been proven that show-casing open body language and a presentable posture makes you appear more confident than you may actually feel. It’s important to have good posture at the best of times. But in an interview setting, it’s paramount. Spend some time practcing this before the big day.


However nervous you may feel, we guarantee that here at TMI Resourcing we’ll know how to calm your pre-interview nerves. Get in touch with us today to start your recruitment journey with us.