What to expect from a career in digital

Wednesday 3. 2018

A career in digital – what does it entail? Is it all websites and graphs and coding? TMI Resourcing specialises in digital employment. So, not only do we know the industry of recruitment inside and out, but we’re also a dab hand at digital too. If you’re edging towards a career in digital but aren’t too sure about what to expect then this post is for you.

The digital industry is extremely prominent and is fast expanding. When renowned computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1990, what came with it was a world of global career opportunities. Since then, the world of digital has only gone from strength to strength. Over 3.5 billion people are recognised as frequent web-users.

Of course, with the expansion of the digital industry comes the expansion of career opportunities within it. From digital copywriter to front end developer. You’re guaranteed to find a job to match your passions and talents in this field.

The simple fact of the matter is, in a time where some industries are clearly destined for failure and the future of others is equally as questionable – you’re going to want to enter an industry which you can rely on. We live and breathe in the digital age. Because of this, we’re certain that the sector wont be going anywhere soon. If you’re looking for a career in a fresh and thriving industry than a career in digital may just be for you.

The digital industry

If you’re still not convinced that the digital industry is one of the most thriving industries, not just in the UK, but across the whole world. Then let us change your mind. If the fact that virtually all adults aged 16-34 are frequent internet users doesn’t ‘wow’ you, then this may. According to Digital Marketing England, In just one minute in the digital sphere, approximately…

  1. 700,000 search queries are made on Google.
  2. 650 videos are uploaded on YouTube.
  3. Over 1 million status updates are written on Facebook.
  4. 70, 000 tweets are made.
  5. Over 150,000,000 emails are sent – yes that’s over 150 million emails sent every single minute.

Now think of the amount of jobs that can be linked to those areas. You can just begin to understand the sheer scope of opportunity within this business. We’ve shown you a glimpse, just a tiny glimpse of what’s going on out there in the big old digital world. You can’t truly comprehend just how prominent this industry is until you live and breathe it.

What positions are there?

The term ‘a career in digital’ is a vague one. There are hundreds. No, thousands of positions, titles, skills and talents within those three little words. So, it’s paramount you find a job that’s right for you by knowing what to expect. Some of the most popular careers within digital involve: web developing, digital copywriting, analytics, search strategy, SEO and digital marketing/PR. However, we’ve barely even scratched the surface here.

The bottom line is, if you’re considering a career in digital you’ll need to do your research surrounding the field. Find a position that’s right for you. You can make a start by checking out our digital vacancies. But, first have a read below about what you can expect as you begin your venture towards a career in digital.

What you can expect from a career in digital

In short, what you can expect from digital is a job that’s never boring.

Being a turbulent and ever-expanding industry, the field of digital rarely stands still. This means that – neither will you. So, if you’re a fast paced individual looking for a career that’ll keep you entertained and on your toes, you’re in the right place. Here’s some of the things you can expect from a career in digital.


Since 1990, all this industry has seen is growth upon growth. We’re not only living, but we’re thriving in the digital age. This means that you’re unlikely to see a reduction in jobs and career opportunities any time soon. Don’t let the idea of stability be the main driving force in to your career in digital, however. Instead, why not be tempted with the immense opportunities?


As mentioned, this industry is showing no clear signs of slowing down. In fact, it’s doing quite the opposite by showcasing nothing but expansion.

With technologies becoming more and more advanced every day, and with web users on desktop and mobile continuing to grow…. You can expect a fair share of career growth too.

Most organisations are moving either completely or partially over to digital now. (Take for example the news or shopping industries). With this – career opportunities for change and growth can be expected too. If you fancy working within an environment which consistently presents opportunities to better yourself, then a career in digital is for you.


With stability and growth also comes change. As there is so much growth that digital is yet to give us – we can expect so many more career positions to come. Take E-Commerce for example, never 10 years ago did we think we’d be developing opportunities for people to do their shopping online, to walk through a shop and walk out without scanning anything or even to pay for goods with their mobile phones. Yet here we are in 2018 with all of these in front of us at our disposal; creating more jobs than ever before and opening more opportunities for change than we ever thought we’d see.

Fun: Most importantly, and above everything else – a career in digital is always set to be fun. Whether it be through the people your network with and meet, or the exciting campaigns you may run – one thing’s for certain: this industry will never bore you.

So, if a fast-paced and ever growing industry sounds right up your street than it sounds as though a career in digital is right for you. To start your digital job search, get in touch with TMI Resourcing today.