How to get work experience to boost your CV

Wednesday 12. 2018

“How do I get work experience if every type of work requires prior work experience!?” It’s an all too common conundrum that’s one of the leading causes for anxieties amongst job seekers. Most roles now want to see some sort of experience in the field for which you’re applying. But, if you’re seeking your first job – where on earth do you start?  

The conundrum of work experience

Work experience per se is defined topic. Which is actually good news if you’re seeking it.

Though many may initially interpret ‘work experience’ as the experience of working a full time job, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Of course, the more consistent the experience the better. But, if you are struggling to get a job without the relevant experience, then there are ways and means on how to combat this trivial problem. 

How to get work experience

Here at TMI Resourcing we’re determined to help our candidates in every possible way we can. Here’s our advice on how to boost your CV with relevant experience. 

Make connections

The old saying is ‘it’s not what you know it’s who you know’. And, though this isn’t 100% truth, it’s certainly in that ballpark.

If you’re struggling to secure experience within in your field then it’s certainly worth getting in touch with the right people. This can be through networking events or simply by using social media sites such as LinkedIn. The more people you know in the industry – the better!

Be prepared to negotiate

In order to get initial work experience, you may very well have to negotiate.

More often than not, you can get work experience within various industries. But, the downside is: it’s often unpaid. If you propose a great cover letter, you can usually pick up a few weeks worth of unpaid work experience in most agencies. While this may not be the most financially beneficial route. The experience that you’ll get will be invaluable.

So, don’t let the word ‘unpaid’ put you off. Ultimately, losing out on a few weeks worth of pay could end up making you a lot more in the grander scheme of things.

Keep on trying

Another common problem for those searching work experience are the rejections and absences of replies. Whilst this can be disheartening, it’s important to remind yourself at all times to keep going. Perseverance is key within the work experience search so keep trying and we’re sure your efforts will be rewarded eventually.

Know what to say

“Hi, I need some work experience, can you help?”

This probably isn’t the best body of an E-Mail that a company can receive and frankly, it’s these kind of vague and simplistic E-Mails that often get ignored.

Instead of going hard on the copy and paste button, take some time to really nail the quality the e-mail. Expressing what you’re asking for, why you’re asking for it and why you’re interested int that specific company.

We’d recommend doing a little research on the business, and then using this to support why you’d like to work there and why you’d be a good fit. Personal exchanges like these often get given much more time of day than the alternative of a generic e-mail that says nothing about who you are or what you can do.


If you’re ready to move to the next stage of your career journey then get in touch with TMI Resourcing today. We’ll help you find the perfect job for you and support you every step of the way.