Manchester named best city to live & work in

Tuesday 28. 2018

Manchester has been named the best city to live in within the UK. In fact, it’s even ranked 16th best in the whole world. But of course, we knew this already. With a diverse community, an inviting social scene and a wealth of career opportunities. It comes as no surprise to us that Manchester is the most desirable place to live.

Not only has it been crowned the best city to live in again this year, but Manchester has also been ranked as the fifth best place to work in the UK. It earned this status due to its ‘strong business community’ as well as its ‘green’ approach to business.

Best place to live, and one of the best places to work? We couldn’t agree more! Manchester is our favourite city for many reasons, one of the top being that it boasts so many digital opportunities.

According to the MEN, Mike Blackburn, chair of the Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership, said:

“This ranking not only reflects Manchester’s resilience in the face of adversity but also marks a welcome return to the city’s consistent, year-on-year improvements in the world rankings, highlighting the progress being made in achieving our ambition to be a top 20 global city by 2035.”

We’re loving all this love for Manchester and are proudly based within the heart of it. Not only this, but most of our vacancies are within Manchester, with some extending to the wider north west area (which, by the way, is great too). Here’s some more reasons as to why we love Manchester:

It’s constantly moving forward

Manchester was renowned for being the birthplace of the industrial revolution in Britain and Europe. To this very day, the city is still fast expanding and becoming one of the UK’s leading digital superpowers. Ever since it made its mark on the world as ‘the city to watch’, Manchester has constantly evolved through the times and has always been ahead of the game.

The economy is strong

In terms of cash, Manchester is the fasting growing British economy outside of London. Boasting a GDP of around £28 billion and home to over 2000 foreign enterprises! The cost of living and quality of life are second to none here too.
Our music scene is the best

If you’re big on music then you’re bound to recognise Manchester as the music powerhouse of the UK, perhaps even the world. Home to the Smiths, the Stone Roses, Oasis, New Order, Joy Division to name just a few – there’s no scene like the Manchester music scene and many long-lasting legends have walked our streets.

Nobody embraces community spirit like the Mancunians

From Liam Gallagher to Alan Turing, Jason Manford to Emmeline Pankhurst – Manchester boasts a wealth of talents from past through to present. Not only is it home to some of the greatest minds that the world has ever seen, but there’s nobody quite like the Mancunians. They’re strong spirited, passionate and completely compassionate – there’s always a strong sense of community here.


And last, but certainly not least, how about our sheer resilience as not only a city, but a community? After the tragic attack on Manchester last year, we bounced back stronger than ever before. Over 10,000 got the Manchester bee tattooed on them in a pact to raise money for the victims. The city also welcomed a one-off concert for the same cause and has seen dozens of monuments erected as tributes to those affected by the tragedy.  

There’s really no place like Manchester and we’re so proud to name this beautiful and diverse city home. To find out how you can start up a life here, talk to us about available positions today.